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Why the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer?


For 35 years, I tried every tool and method to trim grass around sprinklers. I knew there had to be a better way.  That’s why I invented the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer.  It’s now the easiest, fastest and smartest way to trim in the industry.  It forever changed the way my company maintains sprinklers.  It will do the same for yours.


I offer a 10-day money back guarantee!  You can hold trimming races to see which method is faster and better.  The old way you use, or the NEW way the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer delivers.  Have a more profitable sprinkler season knowing there’s a NEW, easier and faster way to inspect sprinkler heads, saving time and money.  Thank you,


Al Helinski- Inventor

Our Three-Second Solution:

Where Did The Profits Go?

Checking out sprinklers takes precious time and doesn't make you any money. Getting to profit making repairs does. INSTANTLY use LESS time performing this profit eating job. See the problems faster. Use the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer, THE FASTEST TRIM IN THE INDUSTRY .

Long-lasting, hardened steel cutting teeth, easily cut through any turf root system.

For $92.99, this sprinkler head trimmer will stand the test of time and generate incremental profits for years to come.

• Built to last. Made in USA.
• 5/8” solid steel "T" handle
• All welded construction, no moving parts
• 3" HUST - use on any rotor type sprinkler or spray head
  (6" pop-up height, 3-1/4" diameter)
• All Steel Construction 7 lbs. Length 35"
• Two-Year Guarantee Against Product Defect
• Powder-Coated Yellow

This is the only sprinkler head trimmer that can be used while the sprinklers are watering. You won't get wet.

It all adds up to a fast, easy (and profitable) experience.

• Save an average of 10 minutes per service call
• Get to profit making repairs faster
• If the sprinkler gets twisted out of adjustment, you'll know right away - no more profit losing return trips!
• No damage to the sprinkler head
• Less bending, less exertion and less effort to use
• Trim, Observe & Adjust in a single visit

Get a clean and consistent trim the first time, every time.

With this sprinkler head trimmer, you'll be cleaner & drier.

• Professional results will impress your clients.
• Patented design ensures you won't get wet.
• Precision design creates a perfect result with a
  simple back and forth twist

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Sprinkler Head Trimmer
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