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The Fastest Sprinkler Trim in the Industry

Are You Tired of Getting Soaked by Other Sprinkler Trimmers?

Are you getting soaked using other tools? Tired of running around, marking sprinkler heads with flags. turning on and off zones?

“For 35 years, I tried every tool and method to trim grass and sod around lawn sprinklers. I knew there had to be a better way. That’s why I invented the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer.”
-Inventor, Al Helinski

The HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer is now the easiest, fastest and smartest way to trim grass around your sprinkler heads. Stop wasting time with other irrigation tools. Our patented design allows you to trim the turf with the water turned on! You won’t get wet and you won’t damage the sprinkler head. You’ll clearly see how the lawn sprinkler is operating. Maintain your irrigation system by easily checking for leaks and water flow. You’ll find many defective sprinklers heads that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and un-repaired! What are you waiting for?

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Check out the Sprinkler Trimmer in action!

Approach the Spinkler

This step is as simple as walking up to the sprinkler head itself. Careful you don’t get wet! That’s because with the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer, you won’t have to shut down the sprinkler zone on your irrigation system.

The Three-Second Trim

Put the tool over the sprinkler, twist back and forth, release – with the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer, that’s all it takes to produce an immaculate sprinkler head that’s free of grass, dirt and debris.

Observe & Adjust

With a clean area around the sprinkler head, you can get a very fast and clear picture of how it’s operating. Check for leaks, flow & direction, make any adjustments and move on to the next sprinkler head. Never has sprinkler maintenance been this easy.

5-Year Guarantee

A Tool You Can Rely On

Designed and built in the USA using the finest materials, the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer has a five-year guarantee against bending or breaking.

With fully-welded joints and no moving parts, the HeadsUp Sprinker Trimmer is truly built to stand up to the toughest jobs, time and time again.


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