HeadsUp Sprinkler Tool Benefits


The Sprinkler Tool for Every Truck

Contractors know the importance of trimming grass around sprinklers. That’s why they take the time to do it. They’ll use any tool and method to get the job done. All these methods get to the same result, a grass cleared sprinkler head… but none get it done faster and easier than the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer .

You’ll instantly improve performance, productivity and profits on your spring and summer checkups. That’s because you’re able to easily trim grass around sprinklers with the water on. You won’t get wet. You won’t damage the sprinkler. You’ll clearly see how the sprinkler is operating. You’ll feel physically better. You’ll look more professional. You’ll increase profits. You’ll be more happy! It’s the sprinkler tool for every truck.

Easily discover more profit making repairs and get to fixing them faster. Actually, the only negative there is to this sprinkler tool, is that you still have to trim!


Why Should I Trim in the First Place?

If you don’t trim at all… well, no sprinkler tool can help beat that time. However, incorporating the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer into your maintenance routine has numerous benefits. You’ll find many defective sprinklers that would have otherwise gone unnoticed (and un-repaired). Sprinklers do operate their best when grass is cleared away. You’ll look and feel more professional. Best of all, your clients will appreciate the added service! You’re walking up to the sprinkler to check it. Why not trim and get a clearer view of how it works?  Three seconds is all it takes!


So Many Benefits, In So Little Time…


  • Save an average of 10 minutes per stop over all other trimming methods (in other words, you can squeeze in an extra service call – an extra billing – or go home early – each and every day!)
  • The ONLY sprinkler trimmer that can be used with water on
  • Our patent pending design ensures you won’t get wet.
  • Trim, observe and adjust sprinklers in a single visit.
  • NO MORE FLAGS. Use trimmed grass to mark profitable repairs
  • Goodbye to locating sprinklers, marking them and returning  to trim.
  • Goodbye to much of the bending and walking  sprinkler checkers do.
  • Only carry this tool. channel locks & adjuster tools to check sprinklers.
  • Turn sprinkler trimming into a billable profit center, or offer it to your clients as a value-added service,
  • Unique design produces a clean, consistent trim every time,
  • NEW trimmer that leaves every sprinkler working its best… clients appreciate that, so do the sprinklers.
  • No damage to sprinklers.
  • Trim with the sprinkler on and get a clear view how it operates
  • Feel physically better – use less effort – less bending – less walking – less back and hand pain – less wet
  • Lean on it while getting up from kneeling & bending to adjust sprinklers.
  • If you choose to carry flags, install a piece of pipe at base of handle and store there. Channel locks also.
  • This tool and a remote control.  That combo truly makes it THE FASTEST TRIM IN THE INDUSTRY



10 Minutes Per Stop = BIGGER PROFITS

10 Minutes per stop may not sound like a lot, but a closer look clearly shows that this sprinkler tool saves you time and money. Unprofitable trimming time is the total time it takes to trim, observe and adjust every sprinkler head in the system. The HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer will make this job LESS unprofitable.


  • If you service 10 homes a day, you’ll save 100 minutes per day (1 hour 40 min)
  • (based on 30 sprinklers / system or 300 sprinklers / day)
  • Work a 6 day week, and that equals 600 minutes per week (10 hours)
  • The turn on season is about 6 weeks, so you’ll save 60 hours in unprofitable trimming time
  • If you pay your serviceman $20 / hour,  reduced labor costs will be over $1200 per season. Not bad!

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