Lawn Sprinkler Trimmer Benefits

Why Trim the Grass Around Sprinklers Anyway?

Incorporating the HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer into your maintenance routine has numerous benefits. You’ll find many defective sprinklers that would have otherwise gone unnoticed (and un-repaired). Sprinklers do operate their best when grass is cleared away. You’ll look and feel more professional. You’re checking the sprinkler heads anyway. Why not trim and get a clearer view of how it works? Three seconds is all it takes!

HeadsUp Sprinkler Trimmer Benefits

  • The ONLY sprinkler trimmer that can be used with the water on.
  • Our patented design ensures you wont get wet.
  • Trim, observe and adjust in a single visit.
  • Goodbye to locating sprinklers, marking them and returning to trim.
  • Goodbye to the bending and walking. (Yours knees will appreciate this one!)
  • Unique design produces a clean, consistent trim every time.
  • No damage done to sprinklers.
  • Trim with water on to get a clear view of how the lawn sprinkler operates.
  • Use less effort – less bending/walking – less back/hand pain – stay dry.
  • Use it to lean on to get up after servicing irrigation sprinkler heads.
  • This sprinkler tool and your irrigation remote. This combo truly makes it THE FASTEST TRIM IN THE INDUSTRY.


See our Case Study feature in the March 2016 issue of Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine.

Save an average of 10 minutes per stop over all other trimming methods (in other words, you can squeeze in an extra service call – an extra billing – or go home early – each and every day!)

  • If you service 10 homes a day, you’ll save 100 minutes per day (1 hour 40 min)
    (based on 30 sprinklers / system or 300 sprinklers / day)
  • Work a 6 day week, and that equals 600 minutes per week (10 hours)
  • The turn on season is about 6 weeks, so you’ll save 60 hours in unprofitable trimming time
  • If you pay your serviceman $20 / hour, reduced labor costs will be over $1200 per season. Not bad!

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