Lawn Sprinkler Trimmer – 2¾” HUST


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Inside Cylinder Diameter: 2.75 inches

Number of Trimming Teeth: 3

Weight: 5 lbs.

Made of solid steel

All Welded Joints (No Moving Parts)

5 Year Guarantee against breaking or bending

Compatible Sprinkler Heads

Any Sprinkler up to 2 ¾” diameter and 6″ pop up height

Brand Model
Toro 570 Series Spray Body

300 Mini Rotors

Hunter Pro Series Spray Body

PGJ Mini Rotors

Rainbird 1800 Series Spray Body

UNI-Spray Series

3500 Series Mini Rotor

Irritrol I-Pro Spray Heads
Orbit Spray Heads
K Rain RPS 50

K Spray, Pro S Spray, NP Spray